John Whaley Vervid 2015 400x400Human-Centered Hardware & Digital Designer

John Proksch-Whaley is an Industrial Designer, User Experience Researcher, Interaction Designer and Design Strategy Consultant holding multiple patents in the product design space. His work has been featured in FastCo (Print), the New York Times, Slate, TechCrunch, The LA Times, Uncrate, Engadget, Mashable, Vogue and Forbes.

With a background in both Sociology (B.A., UCSC) and Industrial Design (B.F.A., AAU), John has successfully merged his understanding for how humans behave and his love for product design. He pulls from a diverse palette of tools in both humanities and design, taking observational insights from the field, translating those insights into industrial designs, creating compelling user experiences, and effectively branding them so that they speak appropriately to targeted audiences.


From Startups to Fortune 500’s
Throughout his career, John has designed and branded (and in many cases invented) dozens of products for companies from Startups to Fortune 500’s. His portfolio encompasses design work from lifestyle products to consumer electronics devices, and fashion accessories to commercial lighting for companies including Samsung, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Peerless Lighting.




Crowd-Funding: $973,000 to Date
In 2012 he envisioned, invented and designed an IOT device called Instacube, a dedicated platform for delivering real-time, crowd-curated content to the user, raising $621,049 in just 30 days on Kickstarter.

He’s since gone on to launch his own company based on his latest invention, the SOOT Electropack. SOOT, LLC brought in over $100,000 in revenue within its first six months of existence and has been featured in countless blogs and publications worldwide for innovation in the soft goods space.


All told, products John has personally designed and branded have raised $973,000 on Kickstarter.




In 2015, John and his partner Daniel (Software Engineer, ex-GE Healthcare) envisioned, designed and launched Vervid, a mobile video platform catered exclusively to videos shot with mobile phones held upright (i.e., “Vertical Videos.”) Vervid, a venture-backed startup, has been featured in over 30 countries as a “Best New App” in the Apple App Store.


TechCrunch TV
Watch John’s on-camera interview with TechCrunch TV, filmed in San Francisco at the TechCrunch Headquarters in July, 2015.