Vervid: Owning SEO through Creative Naming Strategies

Designed and envisioned by John Proksch-Whaley, Vervid’s “Small Screens, Tall Tales” moniker was inspired by tall-format video-based storytelling. John designed the character-based icon to be playful and cute while not being too childish or silly. The name Vervid is a literal combination of the words “Vertical” and “Video,” which was the foundation of the entire product concept. With the clever naming tactics John employed, trademarking and SEO were an easy win. Apple’s curation team applauded Vervid for its branding, saying, “you know who you are and you’re not mistaken for anyone else. Your branding’s on point!”


Artboards Vervid John Proksch-Whaley Logo 2


The SOOT Electropack: A Dirty Four-Letter Word Meets Clean Design

SOOT was another creation by John that entailed bringing a brand to life from a blank slate. Not only did John single-handedly design and brand the product, he also recruited talent and directed every lifestyle and in-studio product shoot to complete the brand’s look-and-feel.




Kinestral: Rebranding from Technology to Lifestyle

If you click over to Kinestral’s website, you’ll see their current look-and-feel frames the well-funded startup as a materials science company. John was contracted out to soften their look by connecting the company with a warmer image. He art directed a series of shoots revolving around the theme of “Living with Light,” and encouraged the company to drop “Technologies” from their consumer-facing brand identity.




Kapture Audio: Fusing Hardware with Brand

Inspired by old-time microphones with heavy grills, John designed Kapture’s sound-capture wearable as a robust and modular enclosure that could be personalized to the end-user’s taste with a few quick snaps. He carried the heavy grill aesthetic over to the company’s logo to tie the brand to its product, which was a huge win for their brand.





G-Tuner: Inspired by Sound

The G-Tuner was a stick-on hardware concept designed by John to help acoustic musicians tune their instruments. Its name inspired by one of the notes themselves, the G-Tuner logo lights up on the hardware enclosure as the musician tunes away.


NOMACK: Rethinking Brand Image

As part of a rebranding exercise, John recently came up with the NOMACK brand to replace SOOT as a potentially more grounded moniker. Nomack is a play on Nomad + Backpack, since the company offers “Modular Goods for the Digital Nomad.” John went through an extensive naming exercise resulting in around 150 potential directions. After running names through a discoverability (SEO) check, social handle availability check and .com availability check, John narrowed his pool down to a few key contenders, with NOMACK sticking to the top.