In 2012, Harry’s came to Design to Matter to help envision their debut product, a low-cost razor aimed at competing with Dollar Shave Club, but with the high-end aesthetic appeal of The Art of Shaving. John led the design studio that developed the original form language for Harry’s when the company was just getting on its feet. His team ideated and mocked up a wide collection of handle types, anchoring toward simplicity and moving as far away from the overly-aggressive styling of most other razors on the market.

The end result was a clean handle design that embraced both bold and muted tones. Durable, weighted plastic helped the razor feel substantial when held, and added to the high-end appeal previously only reserved to premium barber tools.

Once the Industrial Design sprint was complete, Harry’s enlisted the help of other agencies for DFM and packaging design to bring the product to market.

Harry’s continues to ship with this original Truman design language to this day, and can be found in most big brand retailers in the home category.