A Modular, Wearable Audio Capture Device

Two entrepreneurs with marketing backgrounds from the midwest needed help designing and branding their wearable audio capture device. Designer John Whaley drew inspiration for the hardware design from old time microphones. The logo followed suit, with the microphone grill carrying directly into the brand’s iconography. With a passion for modular design, Whaley envisioned an architecture that would allow for quick-and-easy color swapping, where users could mix-and-match bands with faceplates to create their own unique styles.

K-John-Whaley-CMF K-John-Whaley-Function-01 K-John-Whaley-Exploded-01 K-John-Whaley-Lifestyle-05 K-John-Whaley-Lifestyle-04 K-John-Whaley-Lifestyle-03 K-John-Whaley-Lifestyle-02 K-John-Whaley-Lifestyle-01


Early Concept Rendering

Here’s an early “slim” concept of the wearable device Whaley came up with at the outset of the project, prior to re-branding: