Meet Mavia

Mavizon’s Mavia is an IOT connected device that brings cars from as far back as 1996 into the future of vehicle diagnostics.


Quick-Turn Design

In 2011, with limited time and budget, Mavizon was in need of a total hardware redesign of their plug-and-play dongle, with the caveat that all internal hardware had to be ported over to the newly-styled enclosure as-is.


The Original Form Factor

Here’s the original device, followed by a collection of concepts John spun up that led to the final design.




Concept Mason

Mason is a straightforward evolution of the client’s original concept, but with lit surfaces rather than LED’s. The slide-off clip allows the device to be removed after it’s mounted in the vehicle.

Since the dongle is clipped below the dash in a relatively “blind” spot, the LED indicators showing the device’s state had to be highly visible.

Alternate Concepts

Safety on the Road

Knowing the health status of a vehicle is what helps prevent inopportune breakdowns. Keeping families safe and connected on the open road is what Mavizon stands for, and the device had to echo that brand integrity.