Meet Mavia

Mavizon’s “Mavia” is an IOT connected device that brings cars from as far back as 1996 into the future of vehicle diagnostics. Mavizon was in need of a total hardware redesign of their plug-and-play dongle, with the caveat that all internal hardware had to be ported over to the newly-style enclosure as-is.




Blind UX

Rather than simply design a new shell, John designed an experience. Since the dongle is clipped below the dash in a relatively “blind” spot, it was important to pay close attention to the legibility of the LED indicators showing the device’s state.




The Original Form Factor

Here’s the original device, followed by a collection of concepts John Proksch-Whaley spun up that led to the final design…




Concept A: Pier

Pier echoes the rectilinear form factor of the device with its stacked slats. The center two slats light up to indicate GPS and wireless connectivity. A thinner housing membrane would allow the LEDs to shine through, integrating the lit surfaces in a more harmonious way than exposed LED’s would.


Concept B: Plank

Similar to Pier, Plank plays off the rectilinear form factor of the device. The deliberately located LED’s are oversized and placed right up front so users can immediately tell whether or not the device is connected to cell service and GPS.


Concept C: Voxel

Another deliberately-lit concept with LED’s located at the most visible spot to the driver, Voxel dons a rubbery, cubic enclosure.



Concept D: Rook

Though it adds bulk, Rook’s puck-like cylindrical form factor makes the device a bit more friendly and approachable.



Concept E: Temple

Temple is the chicest and most aspirational of the set, exuding a level of high-end sophistication at home in luxury vehicles.




Concept F: Mason

Finally, Mason is a straightforward evolution of the client’s original concept, but with lit surfaces rather than LED’s. The slide-off clip allows the device to be removed after it’s mounted in the vehicle.



Safety on the Road

Knowing the health status of a vehicle is what helps prevent inopportune breakdowns. Keeping families safe and connected on the open road is what Mavizon stands for, and the device had to echo that brand integrity.