Lumen for Samsung

In 2012, Samsung came to Design to Matter with a relatively quick-turn project to create a concept for CES the following January. Showcasing the future of the connected home, Lumen utilizes your digital profiles to stream your favorite playlists, control ambient lighting, and make sure you’re off to work in time.


Quick-Turn Hack

In order to get Lumen up and running by CES, we utilized a Samsung Galaxy 4 as a stand-in display for demo purposes.


Industrial Design

As a home appliance, Lumen had to look sophisticated and at-home in a variety of residential settings. The device is flanked on either side by perforated speaker grills that taper out at the ends. From the beginning, John advocated strongly to push for an iconic silhouette, tricking the eye into thinking this was a standalone device (when, in reality, it housed their current flagship handset.)

The UI would need to be envisioned from scratch as a racetrack shape. Ultimately this was a success, as conference attendees had no idea this was essentially a nonfunctional housing for an existing device.