The 3-in-1 Chargeable SOOT Electropack

What started off as a passion project turned into a budding business. John took SOOT from concept through prototyping, and sourcing through manufacturing, raising over $140k on Kickstarter and shipping to customers on every continent.





Modular Design for Small Spaces

John set out to design the perfect modular solution for boarding a plane and keeping a smaller portion of the bag at your seat during long international hauls. With the SOOT Electropack, users can stow the Commuter portion above their seat, and zip off the Mini Messenger to keep with them during flights.



The Carry-On iPhone 6


The Perfect Chargeable Travel Pack

Beyond modularity, the SOOT Electropack stores up to two 10,000mAh battery packs (one in the Mini Messenger and one in the Commuter portion.) The aluminum alloy-enclosed battery packs are accessible from the outside of the pack system.





Rain Cover

The custom-designed SOOT Rain Cover is made out of a UV-coated Oxford Nylon and emblazoned with the SOOT logo. Not only does it keep precious electronic gear dry, it also keeps meddling hands from accessing the exposed zippers.




DSLR Camera Insert

The SOOT Electropack takes modularity one step further with the DSLR camera insert, constructed out of Brushed Tricot. Removable velcro dividers allows users to customize and compartmentalize based on the type of camera gear they’re lugging.





Hang Tags




SOOT-Electropack-John-Whaley-Lifestyle-08 SOOT-Electropack-John-Whaley-Lifestyle-01 SOOT-Electropack-John-Whaley-EP1-05



Original Color Concepts

The original SOOT Electropack was designed with swappable Mini Messenger flaps so users could easily customize the look and feel of the tablet-sized messenger.


SOOT-Electropack-John-Whaley-EP1-02 SOOT-Electropack-John-Whaley-EP1-03 SOOT-Electropack-John-Whaley-EP1-04