Bill Burnett, Executive Director, Stanford d.School
John Whaley is one of the most talented industrial designers I have worked with, and I’ve worked with the best at a lot of places, including Apple, Ammunition, and IDEO. John’s background in sociology and his understanding of the tools of ethnography set him apart from other designers. He is particularly sensitive to user needs and has the knack for translating needs into solutions. He is visually talented, detail oriented, a great project manager, and, above all, he is very, very smart. He was one of my best hires ever, and a pleasure to work with. If you are looking to reframe your problem, create visually compelling and actionable solutions, and delight your customers, I recommend John. You won’t be disappointed.


Jon Logan, Director of Customer Success at Particle IO
John Whaley is a phenomenal designer, as well as being an incredibly well-rounded manager, thinker, and collaborator. He tackles every design challenge with the intent of producing something that works more efficiently, more intuitively, and is, simply, better than anything that currently exists. This applies not only to John’s industrial design skills, which are astounding, but his sense of design as it pervades all disciplines as well, whether that is industrial design, graphic design, user experience design, or process design. On top of this, John is a great communicator, a strong advocate for his team and their ideas, a grounded and mature thinker, great at incorporating critical feedback, and overall, just a really good, nice guy. John is truly world-class, and any company that hires him will be extremely fortunate.


Savannah Peterson, Director of Innovation Strategy, Speck Design
To put it modestly, John is an incredibly gifted designer. He pairs taste with talent in one of the most efficient fashions I’ve had the privilege of working with. John is a fantastic multi-tasker, capable of balancing numerous projects and demands at the same time. John comes to work with a smile on his face and ideas on the tip of his tongue. He truly loves what he does and it shows in his work. He collaborates incredibly well with team members of different disciplines, mastering the art of bridging the gap between mechanics/engineering and Industrial Design. In short, he gets people, he gets product design, and he gets the job done ahead of time, every time. I hope to work alongside John for years to come.


Matt Vargas, Director of Mechanical Engineering at D2M
John Whaley sets the standard of quality for what industrial design should be. His impeccable aesthetic sense and finely tuned empathy for user centered design give his creative endeavors the power to wow and the sophistication to endure. Working closely with John has given me an appreciation for what a creative talent can do when given room to roam and the freedom to explore. Never at a loss for words when describing his work and passions, John raised the bar of ID and UX consulting while at D2M. I am excited to see what products will spring to life from his fertile mind.